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HOW TO USE: RADIANCE BALM is best used as a final moisturizing step for the face. Ideal in the evenings or whenever skin has the most time to rest and absorb the balm's goodness. For the ultimate skin glow use a hydrating toner before moistuzing with RB. Always follow with an SPF in the AM. A little goes a long way, but there are no rules! Use RADIANCE BALM on your face, hands, cuticles, heels, elbows, scratches, or bumps. The herbal blend in RB will heal anything, anywhere.


INGREDIENTS: shea butter*, beeswax*, rosehip oil*, (NEW!) evening primose oil*, tamanu oil *, sea buckthorn oil*, lavender essential oil*, (NEW!) clary sage essential oil* blue tansy essential oil*, olive oil* infusion of alfalfa*, calendula*, horsetail*, gotu kola*, lavender*, helichrysum*, marshmallow root*, oregon grape root*. *indicated certified organic 


  • This decadent combination of ingredients nourishes, heals, and protects skin like none other. Packed with skin-loving vitamins and minerals from the herbs, along with rich and hydrating omegas in the oils, this balm will transform all skin types and give you a truly nourished glow.


    It starts with an herbal infusion, organic olive oil (Cleopatra knew) gets infused with our signature blend of herbs for 4 weeks, when it is then mixed with organic shea butter (deeply moisturizing), local beeswax (protects the skin), organic rosehip oil (packed with vitamin A), organic evening primrose oil (hey there omega 3s), organic sea buckthorn oil (a strong plant = strong skin), organic tamanu oil (anti-bacterial), and organic blue tansy oil (calms the most sensitive skin).


    The result is a soft, buttery, beautiful balm that is a powerhouse for every skin type. 

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